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Traditionally, laser tag businesses are local chains or family-owned establishments. This means that the market barrier-to-entry is relatively low, in other words, entering the industry in a specific market is simple.

However, that has all changed in the beginning of 2012 when Laser Battle was corporatised, professionally managed and entered the market as a game changer. In the short span of three(3) years from its inception, Laser Battle has opened up four (4) Laser Battle branches throughout the major cities across Malaysia and two(2) branches in Thailand with additional six(6) more branches in the pipeline this year. Laser Battle became the fastest growing laser tag centre in the world since 2012 and is the only single largest laser tag operator with multiple locations across countries. This recognition and a record has never been attained in the entire history of laser tag world and will continue to hold its position as the giant laser tag operator in the world.

We are opening up more license opportunities for partners / investors / business owners / business operators in markets throughout Asia – Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines and Vietnam. Our centre acquisition team are based in the regions and are always reviewing new sites. You may contact our team now and start a discussion of your interest in these markets. In addition, if you know of a suitable site, whether retail, leisure, business parks or shopping centre, we would love to hear from you as well.


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Laser Battle is a proven laser tag brand name in the existing market as well as in the new market. Laser Battle’s brand is collectively strong in the retail presence as well as in the online social media presence. Its brand is so significant in the industry that even its closest competitors in a new entry market would try to use and leverage its brand name in pursue of attracting potential customers. Click here to view a sample

We are not a fly-by-night company. Laser Battle is managed and supported by a sound financial organisation known as Taiko Group Management which owns several industry companies including a public listed company in Malaysia with a total market capitalisation of USD Five(5) billion dollars. The company is in real estate development, palm oil, chemicals, machinery, aeronautical maintenance and services and many other diversified investments across 20 over countries.

The Laser Battle Management consists of professionals who specialises in management, financial accounts, operations, marketing, architectural theme design and build, electronics and electrical engineering. The core management team has over twelve(12) years of experience in conceptualising, designing, manufacturing, building, distributing and operating laser tag equipment and arenas. From the core management team, the support team specialises in development and deployment of concept, design, construction, sound & light, interactive and immersive technologies.

The Laser Battle Management understands the success traits in designing, building, operating, maintaining and growing multiple laser tag centres. The number one key success trait to the business of laser tag that no operator by far could achieve other than what Laser Battle’s brand stood for –  is fundamental improvements and advancement of overall customer’s experiences. As a partner of Laser Battle, the success traits are all imparted to you including future improvements and developments.

Laser Battle is using the most advance laser tag equipment in the world by ZONE, with bright green thick laser beam from phasor, complete vibrators on body pack sensors, superb bright LED lights on the pack and over 50 different game modes, coupled with top notch sound and lighting effects with everything else that add value to player’s playing experience. Nothing proves better than the actual playing experience. We love to show you the differences of all the equipment you can find in the market in comparison to ours!

Laser Battle owns the exclusive distribution rights from ZONE – The largest and most sold laser tag equipment manufacturer in the world with over 900 sites as of to date and four(4) support sites worldwide – United States, Australia, China and Philippines. Laser Battle with ZONE are both members of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions (IAAPA) and are very active in participating conferences as guest speakers and exhibitions.

Laser Battle arenas are designed and built by passionate gamers who know what would work and what would not, based on cultivated experiences. From this, our passionate gamers have developed over the years a set of protocols and inside-out philosophy when it comes to designing and building a maze. We build immersive arenas that are relevant and playable according to game modes, equipped with special features that sync according to game mechanics as well as sound and light effects. Laser Battle would reject claims by many operators of their extensive experiences when it comes to arena play-ability and safety concerns. They would even missed out the obvious basic common safety protocols such the allowances of staircase. Ring a bell? We are certain you have come across arena operators that build staircase in order to cope with two floors. Staircase is extremely dangerous to adult players let alone for kids. Serious head injuries are commonly caused by players falling off from the staircase during game play. Laser Battle ensures dozens more safety protocols to deploy in order to maintain the highest degree of arena safety.

Laser Battle designs and manufactures Edge Guard System, used in-house as well as sold to other laser tag operators. The product is patented and its purpose is to protect players from sharp edges in the arena. Laser Battle also designs and manufactures UV spotlights with specifications that reflect better murals quality and UV paints in the arena. All these products and future add-on products are made available in our license program.

Laser Battle’s License Deployment Team will assist you in starting up the business from scratch even if you are a business freshman. Our deployment team will assist you in the following areas:
Arena conceptualising and theme
Arena design layout, safety construction and play-ability analysis
Business Operation Training
Equipment, System and Game Modes Training
Marshall Training
Corporate and Event Marketing Training
Effective Marketing Channels & Brand Guidelines
Maximise Profit, Cost Control & Speed Up Your ROI through the Laser Battle brand

Our listing sites are currently full now, however, for further interest on our license program, you are welcome to speak to our centre acquisition team to assist you. Please fill the email enquiry and we will contact you shortly.



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LASER BATTLE is committed to strive continuously for high level of excellence in the areas of management, technology, design and production to embark on its great expansion quests.


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